Thursday, 30 August 2012

I NEED this...

My lovely boyfriend is very good at keeping me up to date with all the latest geek news, I have no time myself as I'm always busy busy busy crafting *turns off Xbox*
Today he linked me to the most amazing thing I have ever seen and it's not Captain America in his underpantaloons!

It's a NES knitting machine! Nintendo never cease to amaze me, sadly it never got made, I would quite like to get my hands on the prototype though!

Looks awesome! Maybe they can make one for the Wii, I'll be first in the line if they do!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Another distraction

I don't know why I insist on creating distractions so I never get on with any crafting! I managed to drag myself off Bioshock 2...I was researching vintage posters don't you know ;) but now I have a PS3 (Thank you Lee), so that is taking up my time until the newness wears off and the 360 starts crying!
It's quite hard to keep up with my crafts if I don't play any new games, as my crafts are based on games, but can't get any done if I'm gaming...such is a hard life!

Hama beads are nice and quick to complete during loading times, kill cams and rest breaks etc...
Poison mushroom....He is  friendly chap really.

I'll turn him into a magnet and Etsy him...just one more game on MW3 first please!

Friday, 24 August 2012

New Background from a awesome site!

Just a quick little post to say I got our new background from
There's loads of lovely free to use patterns on there! Handy for any fellow bloggers or just to spruce up your desktop!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Back at work = no time to play

I figured another post is in order, according to the stats thingy people actually come visit our little blog which is nice :) Thank you!

I had some time off work and spent it mostly making Hama bead creations, it's super easy and requires no skill, the hardest bit was driving to Hobbycraft in the next town to get the beads and boards!
(That was quite hard, I took a wrong turn and spent 2 miles on the A12 plucking up the courage to overtake a lorry XD)

I also managed to decoupage 2 things, successfully too, a plant pot and a wooden chest! Observe:

I have another larger chest to tackle too!

Our Etsy store now has the bear sewing kits for sale and also some hama bead bows to dangle from the car rear view mirrors, I have one in my car, it's so cool...I'm not just saying that because I'm biased hehe!
Have a good week beautiful people!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Managed a bit of decoupage!

Today I finally got around to doing that decoupage I mentioned waaay back in Jan, remember "January is decoupage month", yeah I forgot too.
Well I suck at it, I'm going to have a another bash at it tomorrow, using a box instead of a plant pot to decorate, I'm sure this will be easier....fingers crossed!

I'm making travel sewing kits at the moment which I will be putting on folksy in the next couple of days, I bought some little sewing kits with thread and needles in etc and crocheted little kawaii bear pouches for them to go into! Observe:

Isn't he cute ^-^

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