Sunday, 30 September 2012

Duke Update

I went to Stratford in London today and managed to get some of Duke stitched with no distractions on the journey up there.
Not a lot done but at least he has a chest now!

Meet Mr Pea

Meet Lee my epic boyfriend or as I like to call him, Mr Pea, pea rhymes with Lee...see?
He is the other half of Crafty Geeks, Mr Pea helps me with crafty ideas and makes the GIFS and sorts out patterns and pixels for me, he is a very good boyfriend and a fellow geek which is very handy indeed!
Here he is with some Hama beads, observe:

He is designing our new business cards when he gets his bottom off the new Pro Evo demo, he has stacks of new games and plays a demo everyday, naughty Mr Pea!
EDIT: Mr Pea has responded to my comment about him having stacks of new games with this intresting post from Kotaku.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Tick Tock

I made a Hama/Perler bead clock for Lee, it was a surprise for him, I had a very hard time not telling him about it as I am the worst secret keeper in the world when it comes to pressies for him!
I decided to make it a Max clock, from Sam and Max, in response to the Max GIF he made, so now we're even on the making things from a new game race.
He loves it and hung it on his wall, it works and everything!
I have ordered another clock movement for it though as the one I got has a short spindle and doesn't fit properly, I didn't look up anything about clock making before I made it as I made a clock at school, so in my mind I am a master clock maker...I'm not, I must learn to research new things before I try them out!

Good lord, he's buck naked

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Cold Turkey

I'm staying away from soap to let him have some time to himself, I played with him for a bit earlier but I may be smothering him.
I figured I'd kill a bit of time on the internets as all my crafty stuff is in the office, where soap is, I'm catching up with blog reading and things, I normally check Sprite Stitch everyday but I no longer need to as they pretty much use things Kotaku have already posted about and Kotaku has more to offer so I've spent a while on there, watching plants v's Zombies (Zombies again) dance to Gangnam Style and reading about gaming news, important stuff ;)

This game looks awesome! I love Minecraft, maybe I should have a little play of that instead on looking at videos related to it.

Soap MacTavish

Soap is taking up all my precious crafting time, but he is so cute I can't hate him for it, I tried to get some hama beads done but he kept crashing into the beads and boards in his little ball...naughty soap! When he is put away in his little home I like to just sit about watching him, I can't win!
I'm making a pressie for Lee at the moment as well as working on the duke cross stitch and other orders which pop up, so I will have a proper update with pictures of actual crafting of the geek variety, I'm working on a crochet pattern at the moment too...phew!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Hammy Hamster

I got a cute little Russian dwarf hamster today! He is named Soap MacTavish and he is adorable!! Never heard Soap MacTavish and adorable in the same sentence before.
Not crafty or geek related but I like to share :)

Cute cute cute

Thursday, 13 September 2012


I am going though a zombie phase again, do not fear, I have not become a zombie, I am just a bit obsessed with them!
I'm reading The Walking Dead at the moment, I am quite emerged into it, like when I watched The OC so much I actually began to think I lived there, so reading too much about zombies is quite possibly not a good thing, at least "living" in Orange County was nice and glamorous, this isn't so much.
No, I'm not going to watch the TV series, oddly I can read horror/gore/about Justin Bieber but can't actually watch anything like that on TV or films, I can also play video games with such disturbing-ness in them that they get banned, Manhunt anyone? Although I did almost cry when I first saw a splicer on Bioshock!
I've played through the Resident Evil games a billion times, my problem here is clearly not with zombies.
I just can't watch actual people portray these things...I'm sure i'm not the only one.

To bring my zombie thoughts into a happier realm I have been looking through my Zombie Felties book, I won it in a competition forbidden planet were running, enter a picture of an amigurumi and get put in a prize draw type comp....I didn't win (the prize was 5 different books) but they liked my amigurumi so much they emailed me and sent me Zombie Felties, very kind of them indeed! They don't have it stock anymore but I've seen it about on amazon and rucraft!

Cute zombies don't munch on your brains so much :)

I plan to get some felt and make a couple of them, they will be relevant coming up to Halloween...this Halloween we are going out for a friends birthday as zombies! I think that will be a good end to my obsession and I will find something new to fill my brain with!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Badge it has been used for good

I used my badge it and made a couple of badges for Heidi from Dede's Pumpkin Patch, she makes beautiful cot sets which are personalised!

This is the first time I've used the blogger app on my phone so this may all be in a muddle! - Stoychy

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A new game to play means new crafts...umm today?

Lee and I have started to play Sam and Max together on PS3, he has had all the episodes knocking about on his hard drive for a while and asked me if I fancied it, he knows I can't resist as I am massive LucasArts fan girl.
When we play games together we tend to rip them apart looking for things we can make from them, I'm obviously going to amigurumi Max, possibly do some perlers too! But Lee has pipped me to the post, he has made a GIF of the little loading screen on the game!

 I'm pleased the animation works here, as it does not on Facebook or Flickr, feel free to use it just remember to link back here or give credit to Lee!
A better quality one can be downloaded from our DeviantART for your convenience

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Damn... I'm looking good!

Duke that is, not me.
Here is a little snippet of the cross stitch I'm working on, this little bit has taken me 2 weeks...I keep getting side tracked :/


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Captain America Decoupage

My awesome friend Jen asked me to decoupage a big mug for her husband this week, she wanted it in Captain America print, which is fine by me, cap is rather cool!
Here is the finished item, hopefully Jen doesn't check our blog too often because it will spoil the surprise before tomorrow!

The handle was quite hard to do, I should have a little read up on decoupage techniques, there's bound to be some easy way of doing it that I'm missing out on!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

How I make patterns from sprites

Some people have asked me where I get my patterns from, i make them!
It's so simple too, I use The Spriters Resource to find the sprite sheet I'm looking for and shove it into paint, zoom in 100% and stick on the grid lines, et voila! A cross stitch pattern in like 5 minutes....or 5 hours if you're like me and get carried away at looking at all the cool sprite sheets :D
Don't forget to credit the person who ripped the sprites if you post your finished work online!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


The type that goes on walls and not desktop backgrounds for a change!
I visited B&Q today and found some really nice wallpaper, I'm not decorating, I could stitch on it or use it for decoupage!
I've bored everyone I've had a conversation with today about this lovely wallpaper, so I figured sharing it here would be a good idea so I can shut up now

This is just a small part, it has a little scene from the UK and one from France too, the sample I got has this bit and a little bit of the UK, which is Big Ben and tower bridge, I think I may choose a nice bit, fill in the colour with some stitches and frame it...Merry Christmas Mum ;)

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Boo Shoe

I was having a little peruse through my Flickr photos and came across the Boo and Yoshi kicks I customised for Lee in early 2011, it's sad that the older stuff gets lost behind all the new photos, I'll show them to you lovely people to make them happy again!


I remember these took me such a long time to cross stitch onto, the canvas on the shoes was really thick so I had to use a sharp needle....which hurt a lot, worth the effort in the end though! Lee still wears them too! Result!

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