Sunday, 10 November 2013

Gift making is keeping me busy

Gift making and Animal Crossing have consumed my entire life the last couple of months, animal crossing more possibly...Mr.Pea is still waiting for his anniversary pressie I started making in September, eeek.
We've been hanging out a lot on Tumblr recently as well, sharing a few pictures of past crafts but mostly Lee's Animal Crossing outfit creations!
I haven't actually made anything recently that I've finished and been able to photograph, I did make myself an anime canvas a few weeks ago.

I picked up a wallpaper sample in B&Q and stuck it to a canvas, super cheap wall art! I was going to colour bits in with my ever growing sharpie collection, I was worried I would ruin it though so I left it as it is!
Come see us on Tumblr for more updates and super cool pictures of Soap!

Darth Soap

Friday, 16 August 2013

Marvel Decoupaged Acoustic Guitar

We went to a boot sale last week on the hunt for something to decoupage, I had a stool in mind, Mr. Pea suggested mini nest tables, which would also be fun to do, sadly we found nothing suitable.
We decided that a decoupaged guitar would be pretty cool so we went on a hunt for one, suddenly everyone had guitars, so it wasn't so hard, they were pretty pricey though £40-£45 for something I could possibly ruin was a bit steep. We hit the jackpot at one of the last rows of stalls, a man selling a guitar with no strings and a little bit of cosmetic damage for £5! winner! I snapped up that bad boy and covered it with Wolverine pages from Avengers Assemble!

I just need to buy some strings for it now...and learn to play guitar.

Wolverine Guitar

Monday, 5 August 2013

Crafty Presents And Photo Prop Fun For Jen's Birthday

Last week was the birthday of my awesome friend Jen from's vegan, I always make her a little something to go with her pressie, this time I made her some coasters in the shape of apples and pears.

I saw the pattern for the apple coaster in Simply Crochet magazine and thought straight away it was very Jen. I got creative for the pear and made up a version myself, I'm not very good at making flat items so it was quite a challenge for something that looks so simple.
The pears are a little wonky but I think that gives them character.

We went out into town on Saturday evening to celebrate her birthday, Jen had mentioned she wanted to have a themed night where we all bring props but I think somewhere down the line we forgot and nothing happened.
Crafty me kicked in on Saturday at 4pm and I decided to make everybody some photo booth props. Amusing shenanigans ensued.
I had some A4 sheets of foam left over from mustache photo props Mr. Pea and I made for my birthday last year and a pack of 75 bamboo skewers Jen picked me up from Sainsburys for 10p (10p!!)

Me and Jen having fun with the photo props

I made 4 pairs of lips, 3 mustaches and 2 bow ties. Foam is really good for making up photo props, it's easy to cut up and doesn't flop around like felt or bend and tear like paper/card.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Sand Kirby On The Beach

Mr. Pea and I popped to the beach last week, as it was such a hot day we figured we should make the most of the nice weather while it's here, luckily we live near a few seaside towns.
We opted for Walton, it's slightly further away but quieter during term time.

The part of beach we went on was pretty good for sand castle building, still being damp from the tide coming in earlier. We took advantage of the awesome sand and made a sand Kirby, I made the body and stuck his little arms on, Mr. Pea sorted out the feet and his face.

Sand Kirby Chilling On The Beach

I popped a Crafty Geeks business card in his hand and we left him there, went we went past back to the car a couple of hours later the tide had come in and washed him away but we have our photos to remember him by.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Max Amigurumi At Last

I can't believe I haven't posted about Mr. Pea's other amigurumi I made him for his birthday (which was in the middle of June, oops!)
I made him an amigurumi of Max the rabbity thing originally from the comic Sam and Max: Freelance Police. We played the new episodes on PS3 together last summer and went retro Hit the Road on the PC recently, his favorite character being Max I figured he would be pleased, he was!

I made up my own pattern for him, I couldn't find any on teh interwebs, it took me a while but I managed to get him done in time.

His hands were the hardest part (Max has such big hands!). They were difficult to capture in crochet, a lot of fingers were made before I had 8 which were pretty much perfect.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Roman Solider Amigurumi For Oxjam

We were asked to make the mascot for the Colchester Oxjam music festival, obviously I was more than happy to donate a custom amigurumi to them.
They wanted the mascot to be something that was connected with Colchester and decided on a Roman solider.
Colchester was the first capital of Roman Britain for our readers who don't know.

I used my basic human pattern, the helmet was the hardest part, I was worried I wouldn't be able to make the fluffy piece on top stick up but it all turned out fine; trial and error being my best friend here.


We're looking forward to the main Oxjam event in October, Mr. Pea and I love live music and it's all for a very good cause too!

Monday, 17 June 2013

How to Make a Cushion From a T-shirt

Mr. Pea was clearing out some T-shirts so I nabbed one to make a cushion for him. There is probably a neater way to do this than my method, but it only took about half an hour and all the un-neatness is hidden on the inside!

You will need the following:
  • T-shirt
  • Sewing machine
  • Ruler
  • Fabric pen
  • Needle and cotton.

First pick your tee; I took this Pac-man one from Lee's pile of stuff for charity.

Turn the T-shirt inside out, make sure it is perfectly lined up so the seam at the top of the shoulders is at the top and not coming forward or back, you can pin it in place so it doesn't move when you put it in the sewing machine.
I marked on mine where the top of the pattern is so I could get the whole thing in, I used a ruler and a fabric pen to draw a line from the mark to the middle of the sleeves, just below the neck hole. This is the line which you sew down with the sewing machine, make double sure the t-shirt is inside out, I nearly sewed mine wrong as I kept checking the location of my line by turning it back the right way.
Once you have sewed down the line it will look like this:

That's the top all sewed up, so now to do the same to the sides. Decide how wide you want the pillow to be and draw a line again going down from the top line to the bottom of the Tee, do the same on both sides and machine those in. Now the only hole left is the bottom, I sewed about a couple of inches away  from the bottom so my cushion wasn't too long, just machine where the size feels good, to close the gap I only sewed half way across, as a cushion filler has to get in there.
Once the 4 edges have been sewn along, lay the T-shirt flat out on a table or floor and cut the excess fabric away.

Once all the excess has gone it can be turned inside out and stuffed with a cushion inner, polyester filling, or bean bag beans! Don't forget to stitch up the gap at the bottom, I used blanket stitch, another type of stitch would be more appropriate but my needle skills are limited.
Et voila, finished cushion 

I couldn't find a cushion inner which fitted it very well so it's a bit wonky at the top but Mr. Pea doesn't mind.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Majora's Mask Shrink Plastic Key ring

Long time no see! I've been making, making and making this last couple of weeks. Mr. Pea's birthday pressie, plus a couple of customs to complete, has left me with zero blogging time!
I do however have time to share the Majora's Mask key ring I made for Mr. Pea. He loves The Legend Of Zelda and had sadly lost his wooden Majora's Mask key ring his brother got him from Etsy, so this seemed the perfect choice for a first shrink plastic project.

I bought a couple of packets of Shrinkles shrink plastic from The Range, one frosted and one clear. I decided to go with the frosted for this one. I drew Majora's Mask on it in pencil first and then went over it in Sharpie, the next time I use this I am going to use Sharpies from the beginning as I found it hard to rub the pencil marks off once I had gone over them, and the pencil marks also show through the light pens.

Finished Majora's Mask on the shrink plastic

I cut it out right up to the black outline, I've seen people make things from shrink plastic and leave a white border around the edge, I guess this would be useful for complicated pictures but this is quite a basic shape, even if it is a bit pointy.
Once he was cut out I punched a hole in the corner using a hole punch, the hole isn't as big and garish once it's all shrunk down.

All cut out and hole punched ready for the oven

Next the fun part, popping it in the oven! I stuck it on a foil lined baking tray as per the instructions, as there is no light in my oven I had to shine a torch in there to watch it curl up and eventually flatten, which means time to take it out. The hardest part was getting it out of the oven, picking it up and putting a book on it to flatten it before it goes hard, which happens pretty quickly. The foil is obviously super hot, so I used oven mitts but they were fairly clumsy... I think next time I'll use baking paper, I'm sure it'll work as well as foil minus the heat.


There it is all finished and shrunk. The Sharpies darken quite a bit once shrunk, it looks very dark if it's not held up against the light. Next time I'll try either colouring pencils or lighter Sharpies from our increasingly epic collection! Overall I'm quite pleased with my first attempt at shrink plastic and so is Mr. Pea :)

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Mr. Pea's Surprise Okami Amigurumi

Mr. Pea has been very spoilt, he has had an amigurumi before his birthday! I just couldn't wait to give it to him.
He has been playing Okami on his PS3 and mentioned a desire for an Amaterasu plush or amigurumi, so I planned for a while and then got to work.

I decided to make him a mini one and to mostly base it on Chibiterasu (Amaterasu's son from sequel, Okamiden) I have yet to play this game so haven't seen him in action, it was free on Playstation plus and waiting for me to start but Mr. Pea seems quite happy that I have got it right, win!

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Some Time On My Hands

I have actual free time now! The squirrels are all done and for sale on the All Round website, I have finished one of the orders I received, a fisherman amigurumi, and the other isn't due until July.

Amigurumi Fisherman Done!

It's Lee's birthday in a few weeks, just 5 days after mine! I now have some time to concentrate on making him something as tradition dictates, last year I made him a Pokeball dress wearing amigurumi of you do.

I have a couple of ideas for him this year, which I clearly can't reveal as Mr. Pea is the other half of Crafty Geeks and most definitely reads our blog! 
I may have some time to carry on with my Duke Nukem cross stitch too! Remember him?

Monday, 22 April 2013

No rest for the wicked

Phew! Squirrels are finished and on their merry way to all round clothing HQ, I had only just put my crochet needle back in it's little case when I got 2 orders for custom amigurumi!

I've been playing Super Mario 3D Land for the last couple of weeks inbetween crocheting, I want to make everything in it! Mario in his little tanooki suit is super cute so I'm adding that to my list, I especially like the white suit which you get when you die too much, I got to rock that little suit a lot, I suck.

I promised Lee I would make him an Amaterasu from Okami too, I'm going to make the small cute version, which is what amigurumi is all about, not because it's quicker hehe! 

That little lot should keep me going for a while!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Non Geek Chic

Inbetween Squirrel making I knocked up a doily for my mum, she kept hinting she wanted one for her kitchen table, the biggest and last hint was when she purchased a ball of orange cotton yarn.
Despite the fact that my mother taught me to crochet she doesn't do any herself, therefore if she wants something made she waits for me to it for her.

Cute doily!

 I do like this doily, I wish she wanted one with a few colours in though as plain orange was a bit boring to make,  thankfully making one is super quick though so I didn't have to stare at it for too long.
I got the pattern from Simply Crochet magazine, it's supposed to have another couple of rows added onto it but I decided it was about the right size like this and the petals look sweet sticking out of the bottom of the fruit bowl!

Looks like a flower under the bowl!

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Deadpool Squirrel

I'm making more squirrels for All Round Clothing, It's great they have been so popular!
Inbetween making batches of the crochet bad boys I decided to make a Deadpool version for my friend for his birthday, He designs for All Round Clothing so I thought it'd be nice for him to have a custom squirrel, thankfully he loved it!

I had to spray paint the eyes white as I couldn't find any white safety eyes, I used Plastikote spray paint which worked quite well, I had to use a few coats as it kept running off the eyes.
His little Swords are wooden skewers which I covered in glue and wrapped the wool around, I was worried it was going to unravel but Pritt Stick worked better than I had envisioned, the glue gun would of made a mess everywhere.

Deadpool Squirrel ready for action

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Mr Pea has been creating!

Lee had a burst of inspiration over the weekend and customized a couple of vinyl Munny type figures, we got them out of a Gatcha machine in a Hungry Horse restaurant, only £1 each!
He did himself a vault boy from Fallout and he made me Chun-Li from Street Fighter 2, I think he has done a good job for his first go.
We're going back to the restaurant tomorrow night so we'll get some more for him to play with, I'm quite pleased Mr Pea has found something crafty he likes doing!

Vault Boy and Chun-Li Munny type figures

Sunday, 24 February 2013


The wolves for Lone Wolf Mobile Bush Craft are finished! I'm pleased with how they have turned out, I bought a pattern from Raverly for them, I just couldn't get it right on my own!
Pattern is from here

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

It's-a me! Mario!

Such an unoriginal title, I know.
I had a quick little request for a Mario amigurumi in between Wolf making and preparing another batch of squirrels for All Round Clothing
I couldn't say no as it is for my mums friend's son, he's cute, and 6, you can't say no to cute 6 year olds when they want cool Nintendo things! The bright side of making things for my ma is that she pays me in yarn, which bulks up my crochet stash quite nicely!

This Mario is a bit different from the one I made Mr Pea for Christmas in 2011, I followed a pattern to the letter for that one while this one I kind of "winged" as basic shapes are just required to make him really, except the hat, I did have to look up the hat, the hat is from WolfDreamer

It's-a Mario time!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Crochet v's Coding

I fear that crafting has pushed out all the tech knowledge in my head, I've spent a lot of time today watching videos on how to start up a website on Google sites, so far I've managed to create a site and inform any visitors that it's being created....that's a lie, I have given up until Mr Pea can look at it for me.
So soon, hopefully, we will be reachable at (at this moment in time this URL is still directing to 123-regs, takes a while to do some "mapping" thing)
If anyone wishes to see our site it's HERE for now, very exciting, non?

In Crafting and less Geek related news, I am creating some little amigurumi wolves for Lone Wolf Mobile Bushcraft go check it out and say hello to Bradley, our local Ray Mears!

Monday, 14 January 2013

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